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Visit Places in Shajapur

Places of Interest

The town contains numerous places of interest including:

  • Rudreshwari Mandir: The Raj-Rajeshwari Temple is one of 52 Shakti Peeds and Cheelar Dams. It is estimated to have been built between 1007-1009 by Raja Bhoj. This mandir is located on Agra-Bombay road in Shajapur. Murti of the devi is well placed in mandir. In chaitra and Ashwin,on the occasion of Nav-Durga mahotsav peoples enjoys MELA here.
  • Omkareshwar Mandir: Omkareshwar Shiv Mandir is located at the back side of the fort in south. Devotees visit Omkareshwar every year. Devotees got this Shivling from river.
  • Jama Masjid: Jama Masjid is located on the bank of the river chiller. This masjid is constructed by the Haider Ali Teg. This masjid is near the Badshahi Bridge.
  • Varsi Dargah: This Dargah is in Shajapur. This Dargah is known as “Sant Sayed Haji Hajrat Shah Ki Dargah”. On the occassion of Rangpanchmi peoples organise MELA and URSA here.
  • Grasia Shiv Mandir: This mandir is located on the bank of the river Chiller. This mandir is constructed by the pindaro. This mandir is known as shiv mandir.
  • Mahadeo Ghat Shiv Mandir: This mandir is located on the bank of the river Chiller. This mandir is famous by its culture.
  • Pandu Khoh: This mandir is placed on the south of the Collector Bhawan. It is said that Pandavs stayed here for some time.
  • Dwarkadhisji Mandir: This mandir is placed in Vajir pura. Dwrkadhisjis murti is placed in this mandir.
  • Hanuman Mandir Girwar: This mandir is placed at the village Girwar. This mandirs murti is of the fifth century. It is strange and fruitful for the devotees. Ram Mandir is also located in the north side of this mandir.
  • Someshwar Shiv Mandir: This mandir is placed on the road Somvaria-Vajirpura. This mandir is known by the name Someshwar Shiv Mandir. Shitala Devi also in this mandir. On the Occasion of Saptami , Womens worships this mandir.
  • Ganesh Mandir: This mandir is located on the Agra-Bombay road near the bridge on the chiller river.
  • Gaytri Shakti Peeth: It is originated at Mahupura Station road. Shakti Peeth are also in Shujalpur, Rampura Mewasa, Kalapipal and Arnyakala. This is the center of Jan-Jagran.
  • Muradpura And Danci Hanuman Mandir: This mandirs murti was found in field of Shah Fakir in the north of Shajapur, about 75 years ago. Shah has donated the eight Bisava land for the construction of this mandir Number of peoples gather here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This mandir is also known as Muradpura Mandir. Danci Hanuman Mandir is located in the North-East of Shajapur in Danci
  • Fort: The old fort near the bank of the Chiler river built by the Mughal Emperor. The fort used to contain the district court but it is now home to the Central School of Shajapur.
  • Bapu Ki Kutia: Temple & Samadhi
  • Nityanand Ashram: Ashram is situated at Agra-Bombay Road Shajapur

Places near Shajapur

  • The Karedi Mata temple, which was built by Karan (Mahabharata) (15 km From Distt HQ situated In Ujjain-Shajapur Distt Boundaries)
  • Pale wale Baba ka Mandir (Khardon Kalan) & mata Vijyasan Mandir (Lasudliya Patla) are at 110 km from Shajapur.
  • “Mahakaleswar temple” is situated in “sundersi”. It was from ancient time.sundersi is a historical place. in the honor of “sunderbai” sister of “maharaja vikramaditya” this place is known as “sundergarh”.
  • Zarneshwar Shiv Mandir This mandir is located at the village Sirolia in the Amra KunkJ near ZARNA (Stream of water). Sisrolia is 5 km away from Maksi. ZARNA is now converted into the KUND (well). People organise MELA here on the occasion of Shivratri.
  • The Bhainswa Mata Temple located at Sarangpur only 45 km from Shajapur.
  • Kashmir-e-Malwa Narsinghgarh is only 35 km from Khardon Kalan (boundary of Shajapur distt.).
  • Mahakaleshwar Temple (Ujjain) is only 65 km. from Shajapur.
  • Mankamneshwar Mahadev Temple (Kumharia Khas) is very old Temple of God Shiva.
  • Baba Baijnath Temple (Agar) is 70 km from Distt HQ.
  • Mata Baglamukhi Temple ( Nalkheda) is one of the shaktipith in India and it  is just 70 K.M. from SHAJAPUR